Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my heater does not work why should I backwash my filter.

A. Inside your heater is a safety switch that will shut down your heater if the water flow is too slow. After you backwash your filter the pressure in your heater should increase and activate the pressure switch.

Q. What does conditioner do for my pool?

A. Conditioner is a sun block for the chlorine.

Q. How long is the warrantee on my new heater?

A. Most manufacture warrantees are 3-5 years except for the heat exchange.

Q. If I use Zeolite in my sand filter does it work better?

A. Sand in a sand filter will trap partials as small as 15 microns. A sand filter with Zeolite will trap partials as small as 3-5 microns.

Q. Does Zeolite last as long as sand does in the filter?

A. Zeolite and sand last about 5-7 years. It does not per say get dirty but the sharp edges get knocked off and it becomes polished sand or Zeolite.

Q. How would an auto cover save me money?

A. An auto cover would save you money from water loss (evaporation), sun using up the chlorine and by keeping the water warm so there would be less usage if the heater.
I had a customer tell me the auto cover saved them about $100 a month

Q. Do solar cover keep the dirt out?

A. No all a solar cover will do is help heat up the water. Dirt, leaves and every thing else will still blow in to your pool.

Q. Could I drain my vinyl liner pool?

A. NO only if you want to change it. The liner will shrink up and tear when you put the water back in.